EAT zine

EAT started in 2010 when Jazz Robinson, then a Rochester local who loved to cook and bake, approached me about making a food zine. "You like to bake and cook and know about making zines, right?" "Yes." It was magical.

We originally thought we'd put out at least two a year but given that we both have kids and jobs we realized that one a year was plenty. Jazz moved to Chicago shortly after issue 2 so we collaborated long-distance on 3 through 6. Issues 7 and 8 are pretty Dan-centric, and then 9, 10, and 11 have a varied selection of contributors.

Someday I'll make individual pages for each issue, but for now you can visit the EAT instagram for more photos and detailed information.

Any available-to-purchase issues are over at

Image: Our 15 seconds of fame in a 2011 Democrat and Chronicle piece (which was right below a much larger piece on Superbowl snacks).